Coaching,Training & Consulting

Services are provided with view toward enabling positive changes for clients, setting direction, fostering innovation, supporting productivity while respecting the individual needs and parameters of each engagement.

Productivity Coaching
One on one in your home or office

  • Align your goals to your purpose/vision and your actions to your goals
  • De-clutter your mind and space
  • Wire your world – How to get your tangle of gear cleared up and have easy access to music pictures documents family social media etc
  • Mastering calendars, tasks, email, tickler systems, contacts
    Omni Focus
    Google Tools
  • Sync up desktop, iPhone, iPad, or other devices

Corporate Training

  • Team building
  • Presentation skill
  • Leadership
  • Technology roll outs
  • Time management
  • Microsoft Office training (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • CommunicatIon plans around implementing change.
  • Curriculum development

Please contact us to begin the dialog of how we can help you help yourself

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