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The tools are not the practice

I love gadgets and gear.  I love leather notebooks, specialized note pads and calendars.  I love aluminum and matte black metal and every form of iThing ever conceived. I took my first really impactful time management course in 1988.  Part

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Getting Stuff From eMail To OmniFocus For iPad

I am presenting a link here to a valuable article with a tip on quickly making an email inbox item available in your OmniFocus inbox. iOS Productivity: Getting Stuff From Mail To OmniFocus For iPad. I have been using the email to

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Moving from Outlook to OmniFocus

As I mentioned in another post, I had all my productivity systems for calendar, tasks, contacts, projects built around my company’s in-house Microsoft Outlook platform (with the addition of the Getting Things Done add-on from the David Allen Company).  In

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I have an empty Inbox

You may have never seen one of these.  It’s an empty inbox.  Most people I know have thousands of emails sitting in their inboxes.  What a Weight!  The stress of it is astounding. Conversely there is both a freedom and

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Multi-dimensional task focus

I advocate a multi-dimensional view of the tasks or actions that I track.  I have a project focus, a context focus, a people focus with time and people attributes where appropriate.  The genesis of this process and practice comes from

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