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Mental Ecology: More Resources

Searching around the web on the topic of Mental Ecology I found a couple of useful links.  One to a David Allen Article of Huffpost.  It is a coincidence and not a coincidence that I am using a term from

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Productivity Podcast

Here is a link to an archived version of the conversation I had last Friday with Sam Liebowitz of the Conscious Consultant Hour radio show. It hits on some of the topics I wrote about last week, including clearing our

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Do you have lots of clutter around your office or work area? What is it? Piles of papers? Envelopes and folders? Books? Boxes? I can see two easy explanations for your clutter. 1. You don’t have enough filling, storage and

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Clearing your mental RAM

One of my key take-aways from the David Allen Getting Things Done materials (which are the main source my foundational understanding of productivity and self-management) is that it is a waste of Psychic RAM when I have the same thoughts

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Day Seven – Chakras and Productivity

The Seventh Chakra, called Sahasrara, is the 1,000 petal lotus at the crown of the head.  This is the area of true inspiration and purpose.  Some would call it our connection to the divine.  Maybe Plato would have called it

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Moving from Outlook to OmniFocus

As I mentioned in another post, I had all my productivity systems for calendar, tasks, contacts, projects built around my company’s in-house Microsoft Outlook platform (with the addition of the Getting Things Done add-on from the David Allen Company).  In

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The Productivity Paradox

Practice does not make perfect.  Perfect isn’t even a goal.  Practice makes ease.  This is true in yoga practice, where we are getting more supple, flexible and aligned in intention and action. This is true in work were we are

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