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We’re born to our parents. We love them or not. The former is a great blessing, the latter a burden. We make friends, some for a lifetime, some for a season or two. They sustain us and connect us with

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Occam’s Razor and Applesauce

As I was cutting apples for applesauce this morning I was thinking about simplicity.  Here’s my recipe: Apples Cinnamon Cut apples,  sprinkle with cinnamon, cook in pressure cooker on low heat until done. Simple. Occam’s Razor is the name of

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We are not our limited self image. We are our picture of success!

I mentioned previously that I have a paperweight on my desk that says ‘what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’ I have also drawn the conclusion that without failure we make no progress nor gain learning and experience. And

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“Practice and a…

“Practice and all is coming.” Pattabhi Jois

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Moving from Outlook to OmniFocus

As I mentioned in another post, I had all my productivity systems for calendar, tasks, contacts, projects built around my company’s in-house Microsoft Outlook platform (with the addition of the Getting Things Done add-on from the David Allen Company).  In

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Drishti, Shtira, Focus, Stabilty

When I first started thinking about the connection between the practice of yoga and the practice of productivity I was, appropriately, in a yoga class. Ultimately there are many points of synergy. Two really came out as primary. Drishti, the act of

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Mind Map Art

I recently posted on using mind maps for meeting notes. I also use them for speakers notes when I have a presentation, brainstorming new projects and for generally clearing out my mind. Today I want to share another use.  Word

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