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We’re born to our parents. We love them or not. The former is a great blessing, the latter a burden. We make friends, some for a lifetime, some for a season or two. They sustain us and connect us with

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Occam’s Razor and Applesauce

As I was cutting apples for applesauce this morning I was thinking about simplicity.  Here’s my recipe: Apples Cinnamon Cut apples,  sprinkle with cinnamon, cook in pressure cooker on low heat until done. Simple. Occam’s Razor is the name of

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We are not our limited self image. We are our picture of success!

I mentioned previously that I have a paperweight on my desk that says ‘what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’ I have also drawn the conclusion that without failure we make no progress nor gain learning and experience. And

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“Practice and a…

“Practice and all is coming.” Pattabhi Jois

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Moving from Outlook to OmniFocus

As I mentioned in another post, I had all my productivity systems for calendar, tasks, contacts, projects built around my company’s in-house Microsoft Outlook platform (with the addition of the Getting Things Done add-on from the David Allen Company).  In

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Drishti, Shtira, Focus, Stabilty

When I first started thinking about the connection between the practice of yoga and the practice of productivity I was, appropriately, in a yoga class. Ultimately there are many points of synergy. Two really came out as primary. Drishti, the act of

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Mind Map Art

I recently posted on using mind maps for meeting notes. I also use them for speakers notes when I have a presentation, brainstorming new projects and for generally clearing out my mind. Today I want to share another use.  Word

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The Art of Followership – What I learned from Yoga and Business

Lot’s of material out there on Leadership.  Not as much on Followership. Here are a couple of thoughts. Yoga instructors, good ones, present a model and encourage you to build your own practice.  You can’t really get yoga until you

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If at first you don’t succeed….you fail

So what! No platitudes. Failure feels bad. Success feels good. But stasis feels numb, a false comfort. No question which feeling I want more of. But which do I want less of? Comfortably numb is not a good place to

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Two Calendar Solution

My advise has always been keep one productivity system.  Regardless of whether an appointment or contact or task is personal or work related, you are one person living a dynamic interconnected life and bifurcating your organizational process leads to dropped items, inefficiency and in the

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