Occam’s Razor and Applesauce

As I was cutting apples for applesauce this morning I was thinking about simplicity.  Here’s my recipe:


Cut apples,  sprinkle with cinnamon, cook in pressure cooker on low heat until done.


Occam’s Razor is the name of the principle that the simplest explanation or solution is likely to be the correct one.

How do we create the experiences, relationships or things we want in our life?  No need to resort to superstitious or magical thinking.  What, in specific detail is the goal? What’s the simplest most direct path?  What actions get us there?  What is the next step?  Who has information or experience to share on the actions and path required.  When can I take the next step?  What is the step after that?  Are the steps all sequential or can some be executed in parallel?

Simple.  Maybe not easy, but simple.

Recipe for success:

Clearly define the desired outcome.
Identify the steps (if there are more than one)
Take the first step
Course correct in the presence of feedback
Repeat until complete


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