We are not our limited self image. We are our picture of success!

I mentioned previously that I have a paperweight on my desk that says ‘what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’

I have also drawn the conclusion that without failure we make no progress nor gain learning and experience.

And still, I have to encourage myself past my fear of failure to stake out new dreams and pursue them.  Why?  Or the more useful answer would be; How do I make this work for me?  Is there a risk/reward calculation that’s taking place unconsciously?  If I fail is there a cost and is that cost monetary? Is it a blow to my ego? Will I look stupid?  Will the cost be the loss of other opportunities due to doors closed by my failure?  How do I focus on the reward side instead of the risk side?

Our imaginations literally program our consciousness.  The pictures we hold influence our attitude, our actions and therefore our outcomes.  I know this and yet I still have to remind myself to create robust, completely realized images of the positive outcomes I want to manifest.  See it in detail, hear it, feel it.  All in the present, happening now.  When I fill myself with the joy of success, I have success.  Even as it is coming to pass.  I am not waiting.

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