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The tools are not the practice

I love gadgets and gear.  I love leather notebooks, specialized note pads and calendars.  I love aluminum and matte black metal and every form of iThing ever conceived. I took my first really impactful time management course in 1988.  Part

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Project management v. Project focus

Project management is the classical GANTT charting, dependency coordinating, resource leveling activities of getting a project done. Project focus is having a clear picture of all of your committed outcomes so that at any moment you can be fully engaged

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Google Journal and 100DS

I found the above and was intrigued.  Run yourself through the slide show.  I am not sure I agree with the methodology, but I am going to challenge myself to try it out and report on my experience here on

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Constant dripping wears off a stone – Ken Matsuzaki I just read a short piece in the current New Yorker Magazine about Tokyo resident and Cardozo Law School grad Ken Matsuzaki.  He finally passed the NYS Bar exam after taking it

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Quote of the Day

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision. – the Dalai Lama Action follows thought.  Remember my earlier posts about vectors and influence.  Our vision is the guidance system for our actions. But it’s not

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The win at all costs culture

Performance enhancement.  It’s all over the sports pages, it dominated the business news during the credit default crisis, it fills your email spam folder.  So we could take the conversation in a lot of directions.  Is it a predominantly male

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Make it your own.

My wife and I are doing a renovation project on our kitchen.  So many lessons of this home project are applicable to my work projects.  Having a vision of the outcome is critical, of course.  Here is another.  To make

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