Where are your ‘dead shark’ projects

We all have projects that have stopped moving. The key is to acknowledge that fact and then either get the projects moving or declare them complete and move on. Declaring the project done is more valuable for freeing up our trapped energy than beating ourselves up when things aren’t moving.

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2 comments on “Where are your ‘dead shark’ projects
  1. Brian says:

    For me, the difficulty is accepting that it’s time to abandon a project, and then completely letting go of it. I find it difficult to completely give up with something, even if it looks like being a non-starter. I tend to ‘put it on hold’ until I can work on it some more. That, of course, leads to mental clutter!

  2. srfogel says:


    How about making a category called Put On Hold or Incubate that you take a look at once a month or once a quarter. As long as you have a deal with yourself that it is not longer a commitment that pulls your energy from you, you don’t have to banish it forever.

    Thanks for the comment

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