Quote of the Day

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision– the Dalai Lama

Action follows thought.  Remember my earlier posts about vectors and influence.  Our vision is the guidance system for our actions. But it’s not like an arrow that you aim, release and hope for the best.  It’s like an airplane in flight, getting constant course correction from the air traffic control system.  Once your ‘arrow’ is off the bow and in flight to its target, constant focus on the vision of the successful outcome steers us to the bullseye.  I like that the verbs in the quote above are carry and develop.  To me develop means it continues to evolve.  It’s not a one and done deal.  Persistence, repetition, practice are all part of the development.  Carry give me the sense that I am involved the whole way.  Not throw or shoot or launch and then out of my control but carry to the finish, protect, lift, guide and deliver.  That’s how we get from vision, through action to goal.

As I put it; from purpose to product.

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