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Rebranding Ourselves

Think of some of the brands of which you are most aware.  If I showed you this logo and asked you for a word or two, what would you say?  Search.  Innovation.  Technology. If I showed you this one? Quality.

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Making Change Permanent

Question to you the readers.  How do you make changes permanent?  If it’s changing a bad habit or starting a new regimen, starting a new career, changes large or small can be tough to integrate as a regular and permanent

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Protected: Upcoming Teleworkshop “Connecting with Inner Guidance”

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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“He is so rich,…

“He is so rich, he has no room to shit.” ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations There really is such a thing as too much of a good thing, or of anything.  Ever heard of an ’embarrassment of riches’?  How about an

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Collectivism v Individualism in work teams Part II

Monday I identified the following four issues with our current approach to team building and productivity in the workplace. Our systems of evaluation and compensation are all skewed toward individual performance rather than team performance. Our management structures tend to

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What I did on my summer vacation: Brazil, Boston, Beards

Is there a beneficial collectivism that supports and maintains the individual while enhancing the chances for attaining success en toto?  Really, that’s your first sentence after two weeks vacation? I have spent the last two weeks with my wife’s family

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Time to clear the decks and go on an adventure. Back in two weeks with my mind expanded my energy amped up and my focus back on productivity and aligning purpose to project to process.

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Can’t See the Forest or the Trees

My basic method has to do with getting de-cluttered from the inside out, clearing out the mental overload that leads to stress and reduces productivity and going all the way through the individuals work and home environment.  I help folks

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Positive Thinking – umm?

Positive thinking is like positive drinking.  It can be intoxicating but don’t drive under the influence. Neutrality and outcome focus leaves us nimble, agile, flexible and ready to react to the realities we encounter between here and our goal.  Negative

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Scarcity v Abundance

An amazing property of the qualities love and compassion is that they are not scarce. We can’t run out of them. We forget them for periods but we never have to fear that if we give them freely we may

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