“He is so rich,…

“He is so rich, he has no room to shit.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

There really is such a thing as too much of a good thing, or of anything.  Ever heard of an ’embarrassment of riches’?  How about an ‘illness of riches’.

We can become so inundated with the collection of stuff that surrounds us that we literally cannot move to rid ourselves of some portion thereof.  Part of functioning efficiently, is paring back. Utility, not proximity gives an objects value.  Do you have a ‘graveyard of obsolete technology’ stored somewhere in your home or office?  All the one off chargers, old cell phones, never used storage devices, playback devises.  Endless tangles of headphones, mice, power cords and connectors to defunct formats.  Forget the idea that you may someday find a use.  Get rid of them.  Mentally scan your home and office, your garage, your car trunk.  The shear volume of junk we accumulate can sometimes be paralyzing.

The same goes on on the inner level.  This is part of the Mental Ecology I have been promoting.  Sometimes we have so many ideas, projects and creative schemes going in our head at the same time that we are unable to get the free room to work on them directly and mindfully.  We are so ‘rich’, we can’t get anything out into the world in a concrete and successful completion.

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