Can’t See the Forest or the Trees

My basic method has to do with getting de-cluttered from the inside out, clearing out the mental overload that leads to stress and reduces productivity and going all the way through the individuals work and home environment.  I help folks get their projects organized and on track, get systems, either paper or digital, to handle tracking all the goals, to-do’s, deadlines, communications and systems needed to accomplish their goals. Amazingly, getting the little stuff all cleaned up, opens up the valves to let folks really focus on the more important level of purpose, vision and goals.  Logically we would think you start big picture and get down to the details, and that’s true when you get the processes cleaned up, but until you ‘clear out the underbrush’ that bogs most people down, they never get to see the forest or the trees, just the immediate emergency that is engulfing them.


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