Rebranding Ourselves

Think of some of the brands of which you are most aware.  If I showed you this logo and asked you for a word or two, what would you say? 

Search.  Innovation.  Technology.

If I showed you this one?

Quality. Luxury. Status

How about this one.

Change. Hope. Healthcare Fiasco.

If I showed your picture to co-workers, clients, your target market; what few words would you want them to have immediately come to mind?  How do you get to be known and how do you change the perception?

It takes repetition and exposure to create the type of lasting impression that makes for your brand.  Are you consistently well informed, up on the latest trends in your industry or area of specialty.  Are you known as the go to person for the types of things you want to known or for things you’d like to de-emphasize over time.  Maybe you don’t want to be the one who gets all the Excel projects and want to me more involved in strategy.  Volunteer for project teams.  Forward articles and ideas about strategy and how to apply to current issues and situations to your team.

Start doing those new things and you can build a new brand in the coming year.

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