3D Competence: Domain Knowledge v Core Competencies

As we develop ourselves and our professional skills there are those that are 100% portable and those that may or may not move with us as we move through our careers.

I spent ten years in the training and development field.  I spent 20 years in the insurance industry (there was some overlap between the two).  I became quite knowledgeable in the disparate areas of risk management, liability, actuarial analysis, learning management systems, staff orientation training, performance, leadership training and curriculum development.  I also developed deep skills in the areas of financial modeling, project management, visual presentation of quantitative information, public speaking and productivity.

The portable skills: leadership, project management, analytics, written and verbal communication and others are a permanent part of my skill set.  I use them regardless of the domain.  The industry or job function specific knowledge: insurance underwriting and claims, financial or learning systems will always inform my performance as an experience base but may not be forefront in applying myself to the work task and problems in current or future engagements.

The point is that as we progress and develop, we continue to grow across multiple dimensions.  Our skills (portable) deepen and our scope (domain) broaden.

As a result we become 3D Competent

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