Mind Map Art

I recently posted on using mind maps for meeting notes. I also use them for speakers notes when I have a presentation, brainstorming new projects and for generally clearing out my mind.

Today I want to share another use.  Word art.  First I have to give credit to this excellent blog: Hubaisms. Reading it last week inspired me to dig out my own modest attempt from yesteryear.

As an undergraduate I took poetry classes. I started writing in junior high and high school and entered college as an aspiring Allen Ginsburg. Well I was big and hairy and angst ridden; but not as talented. One of my favorite pieces was more word art than poem. It is non-linear and in hindsight looked a bit like a crude mind map, even though it was created about before I ever hear of mind maps. Here is a photo from my hand written draft.

What you see handwritten

Last year I was looking through some files and came across this relic and decided to type it up. After fooling around in Word I realized that the best tool I had available to me was MindJet, mind-mapping software. From there the creativity kicked in and I played with the whole concept a bit and came up with this version.


It’s great when our tools do more than just help us be organized and productive. Sometimes they can unlock our creativity and reconnect us with our natural talents, interests or just let us indulge our whims. I like the freedom that comes from blowing off the doors and putting ourselves out there.

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