Mental Ecology: More Resources

Searching around the web on the topic of Mental Ecology I found a couple of useful links.  One to a David Allen Article of Huffpost.  It is a coincidence and not a coincidence that I am using a term from my mentor.  I never heard David use this term, as far as I can recall, but since so much of what I practice comes from his Getting Things Done methodology, the fact that I generated an idea so close to his is no surprise and unconscious co-creation at the best and unconscious plagiarism at the worst.

I also found this short public webinar

Mental Ecology: The art of focused knowledge work – Vervago.

This not only fits in with our topic of mental ecology, the Vervago website has online and offline content geared to building your Working Memory and Cognitive skills, which is something we talked about in late June both in the blog and in the interview I had on the Conscious Consultant Radio Show which you can find here:

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One comment on “Mental Ecology: More Resources
  1. Steve,
    I know the work of Vervago – I help them develop ideas, coming from the point of view of an organizational psychologist. We think of Mental Ecology as a broad topic that incorporates memory and cognitive skills, but also expanding our self-awareness and our ability to attend to all kinds of things that affect our mental state and our ability to high-quality work. Thanks for pointing to our webinar – it is a first in what we hope will become a series exploring this interesting topic. Maybe you will join us?! We hope so!

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