Integrity – Internal Grit

Is it cheating if everyone is doing it?  Is fairness just a level playing field?  Are the win and profit at all costs mentality exemplified by the BioGenesis 13 and Johnny Football our new standard?

In the past few weeks I’ve been writing about win/win solutions and dovetailed outcomes for achieving our goals.  This week the sports and news pages are filling up again with the counter argument.  The win at all costs culture and narcissism of those who feel above the rules and entitled to get their just rewards right now.  I won’t rehash details, just go to ESPN or the Zone and read until you have to take a puke break.

Much of the commentary about Johnny Manziel has included questions about whether the rules about amateur status and the NCAA profit off the images of student athletes is fair.  So many baseball players are now coming out to condemn a practice of cheating that they either condoned through their silence or under the guise of their collective bargaining agreements.  Unfortunately, it comes down to power and money, time and again.

Integrity comes from doing what is right, not following or hiding behind a rule book.  Integrity is an internal process.  It is literally lining up the inner and the outer so they are congruent.  It’s not morality.  It’s not compliance.  It is honoring the truth and acting in accordance.

Unfortunately, the honest, fair, patient, equanimous, compassionate, inclusive and generous path rarely leads to bling.  Experience tells me it does lead to a good night’s sleep and the ability to look in the mirror without one of the aforementioned puke breaks.

It doesn’t have to be a zero sum game.

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