Mental Ecology – Clarification

As I read over my post from last Thursday on the filters we need for our minds, one that lets thoughts flow through without our holding on to them and on that restricts the inane and useless thoughts that flow out our mouth, I realized I may not have been clear enough.

When I say, we all have less than laudable thoughts about other people in terms of race, gender, size, or whatever and that we have to make sure that as civilized people we don’t say those things out loud I am not condoning the hateful thoughts as long as they don’t become hateful speech.  I am not saying it’s ok to be a private racist, just don’t get caught.  I am saying that as we are learning to let thoughts flow through our minds and out without holding onto and adopting them as our own, let’s be careful they are coming in one ear and out the other, not in one ear and out our mouths.

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