Do you have lots of clutter around your office or work area? What is it? Piles of papers? Envelopes and folders? Books? Boxes?

I can see two easy explanations for your clutter.

1. You don’t have enough filling, storage and bookshelf space to get it put away.     Solution: Get Some.

2. Each item is actually a talisman. You are using that pile or folder etc. as a sacred object to store the memory of the next action associated with the outcome that pile represents.  As long as you faithfully keep that pile or VHS tape or magazine or box, you cannot lose the outcome for which your clutter is a bookmark.  We have an irrational fear that if we can’t see the talisman, the goal and its attainment simply vanish into thin air.     Solution: Get Clear.

How do we get clear?  We have to take the tacit and make it explicit.  Capture in a system you trust the outcomes and the next actions (do I write this sentence in every one of my posts?) and you have to review it regularly so that you can let go of the talisman.

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