The Productivity Paradox

Practice does not make perfect.  Perfect isn’t even a goal.  Practice makes ease.  This is true in yoga practice, where we are getting more supple, flexible and aligned in intention and action. This is true in work were we are getting more effective, flexible and aligned in intention and action.  This is true in relationships, where we are getting more authentic, flexible and aligned in intention and action.

The paradox of productivity is that by establishing a discipline and remaining consistent in the practice of that discipline we become at ease in repose.  We can rest without stress because we have nothing unconsciously pulling at our attention.  My mentor David Allen calls his system Getting Things Done.  The paradox is that when I follow the system I have created and have all my projects defined and to-do’s tracked, I feel completely comfortable Not Getting Things Done at times.  The paradox is that discipline=freedom.

My yoga teacher this morning talked a little about softness.  It made me think about the song I posted yesterday, a version of Come From the Heart by Guy Clark.  There is a lyric that says essentially, ‘sometimes in life there is such a thing as trying too hard’.

My intention is to practice ease

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One comment on “The Productivity Paradox
  1. CultFit says:

    Our coach while playing hockey in college always said to us: “Perfect practice makes perfect.” this was also the same dude who would say that if we scored more goals than the other team? We stood a chance of winning. 🙂
    I really liked and enjoyed your post today, thank you!

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