De-clutter your wallet

photoThis post will not ask you to de-clutter your wallet by taking the money out and sending it to me (although that would work). It’s about those little loyalty cards.  Whether credit card or key chain sized they all have the same width; and that can add up quickly. I was looking for a way to reduce the size of my wallet and decided to tackle these little buggers as a way to slim down.  The solution will work if you have them on your key chain, in your wallet, a pocket inside your purse or in a drawer.

GO DIGITAL. The data is all in the bar code.  You don’t need the card, just the data.

My first solution to the problem was to take photos of the cards.  I always have my phone with me, so a picture would be worth a thousand bits.  Photos worked, but I didn’t have a way to organize the photos, say alphabetically by vendor name.

Next solution was to attach the photos to notes in some notepad or other app.

In searching for an app I stumbled across one called CardStar.  Set up is quick and easy.  There is a list of stores already in the app.  You pick the store and then scan your barcode off your loyalty card.  If you want to add a card that is not in the list, it is very easy.  Just enter the name and the row of numbers under the barcode and the app generates the bar code for you.

Now when you want to use the card, just find it in the alphabetical list and scan the stored bar code.

Downside is that not all older scanners can read through your phone’s screen.  Solution is that every store will either allow you to type in your number or have a cashier/attendant do it for you.

Upside is that many stores are now offering digital coupons or other discounts through the app. There are versions for iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry.

Now I have room for all that money.


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