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The win at all costs culture

Performance enhancement.  It’s all over the sports pages, it dominated the business news during the credit default crisis, it fills your email spam folder.  So we could take the conversation in a lot of directions.  Is it a predominantly male

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Make it your own.

My wife and I are doing a renovation project on our kitchen.  So many lessons of this home project are applicable to my work projects.  Having a vision of the outcome is critical, of course.  Here is another.  To make

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Where are your ‘dead shark’ projects

We all have projects that have stopped moving. The key is to acknowledge that fact and then either get the projects moving or declare them complete and move on. Declaring the project done is more valuable for freeing up our

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From Purpose to Product

We get more done when our alignment extends from purpose all the way through action. We get clearly in touch with our sense of our purpose. We develop a vision in line with our purpose. We set goals that will

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