Letting it go

I love it when a yoga instructor asks us, with our heads hanging by our ankles in uttasana or as we’re trying to get our nose to the mat in some seated stretch, “what can you let go off at this moment”. It has been a real source of learning for me to understand that it’s not always ‘how do I expend more effort’ or ‘how can I work harder’ or ‘what can I do’. Sometimes the key is ‘what can I stop doing, How can I relax, take a breath, observe’.

Obviously we can apply this in the actions we’re committed to and in our personal environment. What to-do’s can we cross off our lists? This is why I like to capture my next actions with a create date associated. Items on my list for years are not to-do’s. They’re either projects that need to be chunked down or commitments that I’m not really committed to.

So many people feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff in their home or office space. Is it time to let go of books sitting on your shelf that you either read or never will. What about clothing, shoes etc. some people put a little post on all their clothes and add a post it every three months. You’re going to take it off when you put on the item, so once a piece of clothing or pair of shoes has, two, three, four post-its on it, might be time to donate it.  Those things with no use in your life are going on to serve, enrich, support others.

What about relationships, what can we let go of? Are we holding or withholding something that would better serve us if we let it go.  Those can be the have to’s we hold against ourselves and the people we work with or live with.  That could be our opinions about the way things should be instead of the way the are.  Sometime the illusions we let go of free us to act freely in the situations we find ourselves.

Letting Go doesn’t necessarily mean dropping something.  It can mean letting it run, work, live the way it naturally works, lives and runs.  When we let go, we are moving past the structure we impose to the structure that already is.  Another way of saying Let Go is to say Relax.  Or since today is Douglas Adam’s birthday – DON’T PANIC!

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