Chakras and Productivity

In Yoga and other practices there is a knowledge of energy systems called Chakras.  I think of them as a system of reservoirs and locks that work much as a system of canals like the Panama or Suez canals.  There is not a value judgement that one Chakra is better or higher or more advanced.  To function optimally, we want to access and flow with any and all as they are needed. They have many varied symbologies, using images, colors, sounds etc.  What I present here is my interpretation of the seven Chakras with a focus on how the qualities of each interact to form a dynamic in our practice of productivity.

Chakra Quality Challenge Productivity Paradigm Question to Ask
First Grounding Manifestation Stagnation or flightiness When we have a solid base systemic practice we can achieve our goals Am I on solid ground?
Second Flowing/Moving Fear With a solid base our energy can flow to the ideas, projects and people that bring joy and success Do I feel free to move on this?
Third Power/Action Willfulness We get what we go after by engaging all our focus and moving carefully in service of our goals and the goals of others What will be the impact when I am successful with my goal?
Fourth Relationship Isolation or dependence When we dovetail our outcomes with those of others we multiply the effect. Who can I engage with to achieve my goals?
Fifth Communication Listening Clear communication leads to alignment of vision and action in teamwork and within ourselves. What is my message?
Sixth Vision Illusion Outcomes fully and clearly visualized are much more likely to be realized. What outcome am I envisioning?
Seventh Purpose Clarity Visions and Goals that flow from and are grounded in our personal sense of purpose will garner the energy and enthusiasm to carry through How does my vision/plan align with my purpose?

When our system is functioning optimally, our projects and actions are moving through the stages from Purpose and Vision to communication, team building, action and successful manifestation fluidly.  When one of our goals, projects, objectives is stuck, we can figure out where and ask ourselves what we need to do to get it moving again.

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