Run Through the Finish

In 1986 I took a seminar called Insight.  The facilitator, made an analogy that has stayed with me these twenty five plus years.

So often, as we approach our goal we tend to let up.  Amateur runners see the finish line, feel relief and slow up.  Champion runners see the finish line, get even more motivated and run harder through the finish line.

This week, as I was encouraging my twenty year old daughter through the final weeks of her sophomore year, that phrase came back to me again.  When the completion of our goals are in sight, we need to make sure the final steps are taken with same level of intent and excellence as the first steps.  We complete with excellence and are still in high gear as we move on to the next thing. That next thing can and should include celebrating the completion of the last thing by the way.

We run not to but through the finish

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