Peace is Present

There is not only ‘no time like the present’.  There is actually ‘no time but the present’

I attended a workshop last night called Finding Peace in Today’s World led by John Morton and organized by The Institute of Individual and World Peace and The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.

One of the key learnings I took away was the realization that one of the biggest things that disturbs my peace is a constant pulling of my attention and awareness toward the future or the past and away from the present.

The past pulls me with judgements and resentments over events long gone.  The future pulls me with fear and worries about what will happen, what I will do or say.  What about right now!  Am I present with the person speaking to me?  Am I present with the action I am taking at this moment?  Am I conscious of my own breath in this moment or am I holding it tight, constricting myself?

Baba Ram Dass said ‘Be Here Now’.  I am amazed at how little of my time I actual attend to here and now, but in those few moments that I do spend in the eternal now are the places where true bliss can be found.

Another of the keys from last night was to invoke peace, so here goes.

In this moment I open my heart to receive the peace that is present.  I invite the better angels of our nature to encircle us, as we with one voice call out and say;

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”

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