Turning Negative to Positive – Reframe step by step

If you got a chance to read my post from yesterday, I talked about the limiting beliefs and images we hold and the effect on achieving our goals.

Today I want to give you a tangible step by step process, one you can lead yourself through, to coach you past your limiting beliefs and put your positive self-image to work for you.

Let’s use my example of being averse to selling myself because of the negative association I have with sales and salespeople.  The reason this is a block because my image of myself and my image of a salesperson are at odds with each other.  I am resisting sales because it violates some of my core values.  But does it really.  Of course not.  I can sell and market my services in a way that is in alignment with my core values.  What I have to do is reframe my image of sales.  I have replace the negative associations I have with aspects of my self-image so that they are no longer out of alignments.  How.  First I make a list of all the negatives I associate with sales, then a list of my values.  Finally I make of list of how I can act when selling that reflects my core values and makes the prospect a positive one.  I have run through it below.

sales reframe example

This is a piece of self coaching you can lead yourself through anytime you feel stuck on a project or goal and need to weed out the hidden negatives and use a reframe to create positives.

I have to make a full disclosure that after I walked myself through process yesterday, I got a call from a recruiter who asked me if I was interested in a sales position for a training and development consulting firm. It amazing how quickly the universe responds when we make the shift inside ourselves.

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One comment on “Turning Negative to Positive – Reframe step by step
  1. Mariza Fogel says:

    Its amazing how your write is influencing you process or vice versa

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