Supermoon –

OK this is a stretch topic but here goes.

This weekend will be the 2013 Supermoon.  The moon will be the closest to us it will be for all of the year.  It will appear huge.  The image at right is a comparison of average and super moons from 2011.

So I am thinking about, ‘what is pulling on me’ and ‘what are the tides’ and ‘what is looming large’ in my life right now.  A big ‘pull’ is concern about my finances.  How am I going to pay my insurance bill, rent and take on the marketing costs and uncertain cash flows of building a new business?  These can be daunting and there is a tendency within to say, ‘hey the risks are too big, it’s safer to just find another job, one that has a good health plan and just keep my head down and suck it up.’  But you know what’s looming large in my world right now; opportunity.  I feel like the freedom to create is so large and the feedback I am receiving on my work too strong that the tides are rolling in for abundance.  I just have to stay the course.  Take the opportunities that are coming my way. Work my big moon (butt) off and line up with the tides.

I’ll be surfing waves of success with that big bright moon lighting the way.

I need these little pep talks for myself sometimes to get amped up and moving on my dreams.


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2 comments on “Supermoon –
  1. Amy says:

    Hi – It’s great that you feel so creatively free and also “seen” by your audience. After the full moon is a great time to manifest what you’ve been building. I hope the opportunities you desire come rolling in.

    You may be interested in a post I wrote about how I live by the moon’s cycles – sound like you do too.


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