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Been there, want to stop doing that!

What a beautiful day September 11, 2001 was, until it wasn’t. I was right downtown, saw the horror and the heroism.  Nothing more to say. It’s sad that we live in a world where violence still occurs daily.  Massive and public

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Joy Restoration

I think my new mission is Joy Restoration.  We’ve all had Joy.  I would even posit that it is our original state.  We may have had it removed through the careful application of social ‘normalization’, religious indoctrination and enforced maturation.

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Measurement is Management

This topic goes back to my very first blog entry on Productive Practice and it is sill one of the most important lessons I continue to work with and practice. Measurement is management.  The first step to change is measuring. 

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Spiritual Ecology

I have written about mental ecology.  Here’s a view of spiritual ecology.  Kind of the same line of thought We can leave the physical earth with a much nicer frequency than we found it. These areas of responsibility apply to

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We need a runway for take-off and landing

I was on my yoga mat, in class, recently and had the following image;  the mat is like a little runway.  The practice we engage in, any practice, is both a jumping off spot and a place we land.  It

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3D Competence: Domain Knowledge v Core Competencies

As we develop ourselves and our professional skills there are those that are 100% portable and those that may or may not move with us as we move through our careers. I spent ten years in the training and development

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