Don’t Postpone Joy

I first found this button in a store on the upper west side of Manhattan in the 1980’s. My father introduced me to a place called The Last Wound-Up. Imagine a 20 something and a fifty something busting a gut laughing and playing with little wind up toys.  Over the years I gave out hundreds to people and kept one pinned to the curtain of the bathroom in my home so I would see it everyday.  For thirty years this has been my motto.20130312-115945.jpg

Joy, love, fun, adventure, creation, play etc. are not things we left behind in childhood or must wait until the time is right to experience. Bringing the energy of enthusiasm present right here and now increases our capacity to work, focus, plan and accomplish our goals. It’s how we get there, not the reward.  I read and here a lot of talk about work life balance as though we don’t have life in our work. If we don’t then let’s put it in there. That way our life is always in balance and work is not what we endure so we can live, it is an expression of our purpose and our joy.


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