How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice , practice, practice.

Repetition lets us take a skill and move it through the stages of Johari’s window. From blind spot to conscious competence. In fact it allows us to move to a cognitive place of automation to the extent that we no longer have to engage attention in order to act. We don’t have to consume any portion of our limited working memory because through repetition, the action has become innate.  We reach a state of fluency in which freedom and creativity arise.

When our practice of productivity becomes second nature as a result of constant repetition a few key things arise:

  • We trust ourselves.  In fact we have earned the trust of that part of ourselves that is the gatekeeper to the allocation of our energy and attention.
  • Others trust us to do what we say because we have consistently either delivered on our commitments or engaged in renegotiating our commitments to ensure we are delivering within the parameters to which all parties have agreed.
  • We have more energy, enthusiasm and concentration.  The paradox of the practice of productivity is that when we complete our actions, we feel primed to do more.  When we don’t, we feel the lethargy build and the motivation to act wane.  Incompletions have weight and can feel oppressive.  Completion is liberating and invigorating.
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