Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

Not just an En Vogue song.  This is another area where Yoga and Productivity practices intersect.  Sometimes one of the hardest poses in yoga practice is the one that usually closes the practice called Savasana or Corpse Pose.  (it was actually the first I ever encountered, in about 1971 when a hippie jewish youth group leader named Yitzchak, led a basement full of teenagers in an out of body meditation but that is another story).  What makes Savasana hard is not the physical aspect or rest, it is the mental aspect of rest.  It can be hard to still the chatter and move into the stillness.  Ultimately we realize that we are not our mind, we are much more and we can either settle ourselves or even raise above the mind, letting it chatter if it wants while move our awareness higher.  In Savasana, we are safe, secure, fully grounded in our body and that frees us to just be.

In self-management and productivity, it can be hard pull our awareness away from the constant chatter of our phones and inboxes and apps.  All of our commitments put pressure against our focus.  When we have a system that we trust and keep up to date, we have the grounding to let go.  We rise up in altitude to get above the tasks to the goals, projects and purpose.  We see the interconnections and dependencies.  We access additional resources and are able to manage the complexity.  We free ourselves for doing and also for not doing.  For Being.

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