Chakras and Productivity Deep Dive – Day 1

I have been thinking more about the connection of the Science of Chakra and the Science of Productivity.  Both about the movement of energy  Both can lead to manifesting results for ourselves in the world and within ourselves consciously.

For the next seven days, I am going to delve into each Chakra/Stage of Productivity in more depth, using the chart below as a reference point

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 9.21.17 AM

The First Chakra is called Muladhara.  It is the root chakra and it is strongly concerned with grounding.  That mean solid footing.  Security.  I want to look into questions about the basics.  Do I have a solid base in terms of my physical health?  Do I have a solid base in terms of my shelter, home etc.  Am I on solid financial ground?  If my projects are stuck I have to look and make sure I have laid a solid foundation in terms of planning, resources etc.  When I am off in flights of fancy in my creative process, I can lose sight of the need to ground my ideas and actions.  As a result I might get stuck and not have the energy to move forward.  I might not be as practical as I would be if my actions had solid grounding and first chakra balance.  In order to keep our connection to the first chakra balanced it is valuable to connect with the earth.  Get out in nature.  Get your bare feet into sand or dirt.  Be physical.

Tomorrow – Second Chakra

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