Day 2 – Chakra and Productivity

Today we look at second chakra in our dive into energy and productivity. Second chakra is called Swadisthana and it is classically associated with creativity including reproductive. It is also the center of feelings and pleasure. Let’s look at our chart again.  Notice that adjacent principles interact with and influence each other. I don’t see these as a hierarchy where one chakra is ‘better’ or ‘higher’ just as we wouldn’t say one aspect of productive practice is more valuable.  We want to be complete in our skill set and able to move our energy freely and consciously toward achieving our goals.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 9.21.17 AM

Now that we have a solid base from first chakra, we need to get moving. Enthusiasm flows to things we are creating. While we get balance from our solid foundation of first chakra, we get flexibility and fluidity from the second.  In productive practice the principle would be engagement.  After the planning stage comes the prep work.  Getting feedback.  Getting a feeling of the steps to take. We need flexibility here because fluidity means change.  We are productive when we are passionate about the outcome.

Balance in these areas means not too much or too little.  Too much second chakra focus gets us lost in the pleasure side of the doing or gets us over creating and then we’re left having to care for all the projects and stuff we have created.  Too little focus in this area and we can find ourselves getting rigid and stuck, not flowing and feeling.  Not enjoying our work and not engaged with our natural enthusiasm of productivity.  If our projects are stuck in second chakra we can ask; am I feeling resistance?  What am I afraid will happen?  Is that keeping me from taking action (a key principle of third chakra)?

Tomorrow Chakra 3

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