Day 4 – Chakras and Productivity

Today we are looking at Anahata or the Heart Chakra. An interesting aspect of understanding this center of energy is found in its symbol. Notice that at the center are two triangles, one facing up and one facing down. Our heart is the point that unifies the levels of vision from above and the levels of manifestation below.  If we are going to succeed in creating anything, we want to get our inspiration into our action. The path is through the heart.

What is at the heart of your goal. Are you doing what you love? Have you gotten your network involved? The fourth chakra is also the seat of relationships. Who do we need to include in our plan? Are we trying to go it alone and ending up isolated? Are we being too dependent on others, especially their opinions and getting stuck before we move. Balance in this area is required to avoid either of those pitfalls. If our projects are stuck in the fourth chakra area we need to ask ourselves ‘can I dovetail my outcomes to the outcomes of others so we all get our goals accomplished?’ Win/Win is a fourth Chakra virtue.

Tomorrow we take the communications to the next level in Chakra 5

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