Day 5 – Chakras and Productivity

Today we move to the fifth Chakra called Vishuddha.  Located in the area of the throat and also incorporating the neck, jaws and ears this Chakra as you might guess is the center of communication.  Let’s take a quick minute to break down the word communication. The suffix ‘ation’ means action. The root has commune and common in it.  So in the context of productivity, this is the area where we are looking to muster common action, to commune for action, to engage community for action and we do this in the give and take of communication. Too often people are attracted to the giving side of this action in the form of speech. That is here of course, but so is listening.

Questions to ask ourselves as we are getting or projects moving and engaging our community include What is my message?  What feedback do I need to move this action forward?  Have I listened to what my team, mentors, inner guidance have been telling me?  How can I be more authentic in my communication? One of the keys I have found personally involves the alignment of the Chakras below and above Vishuddha.  In the past, I had a tendency to take all the will and power from the Third Chakra and push it right through my Fifth.  What kind of results did that produce?  I came off as aggressive, arrogant and concerned only with the outcome and my own ends.  At its worst, this combination can be cutting and destructive.  What was missing?  I had bypassed the Fourth Chakra.  Disconnected from the heart, passion, compassion and inclusiveness of the center, my communication was either ineffective or actually backfired.  What we will look at more tomorrow is the importance of the connection in effective communication to the next Chakra, the sixth which is the source of vision.

Create effectively today, using everything we have discussed so far.  Find the balance that comes from a solid foundation and plan, harness your natural creativity and flow, align your will with that of others, get centered in your heart and then actively participate in both the giving and receiving of communication.  You’re on your way to manifesting and producing through integration.


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