Day 6 – Chakra and Productivity

The sixth chakra, or Ajna, is located at the third eye area or the middle of the forehead.  Actually if you drew a line from temple to temple and another from the middle of the forehead straight back, you would hit the spiritual location. This is the source of vision, ideas, imagination.  It is great for brainstorming and goal setting.  When we have our sixth chakra engaged in our process of productivity and manifesting our goals we are in tune with the big picture, we feel inspired and when we engage our sixth, fifth and fourth chakras together we can inspiring others so that we are achieving our hearts desires together.

When we are overactive in the sixth chakra we might have a tendency to space out or be lost in the ethers.  People might describe us as ‘airy/fairy’.  This is why it is critical that we have the grounding of the first chakra well established.  We also have to watch out for over creation out of this area.  Have you ever had so many ideas going at the same time that you weren’t actually acting on any.  The vision we are capable from the sixth chakra is in many ways limitless.  I had a teacher that told us ‘it is just as easy to have million dollar ideas as hundred dollar ideas’.  While it is true that we should never limit ourselves in the idea creation phase, we have to limit which of the ideas we move forward on in a concrete manner.  We can do anything, but we can’t do everything.  We start communicating our ideas, gain support and then move on the ones that are getting traction all they way through to the third, second and first chakras.  That is the process of bringing our ideas through to fruition.  Remember that we are creating pictures in our mind all the time.  Watch out for what you are creating in the sixth chakra.  Your negative fantasies and beliefs follow the same process of creation and frankly we are generally more used to those coming true that our dreams and goals and positive visions.  Here is a good quote:

So your big challenge in this world — and it is a big one — is to hold the pictures in your mind that you want more of, not what you want less of, because there is a cosmic law that says “like attracts like.”

– John-Roger

This quote holds a master key in setting and achieving goals. We always have pictures in our mind. 99% of the time we just aren’t setting them consciously. People who are effective in setting clear visions of what they want more of generally get it. Watch out for illusion in Chakra six.  It goes back to purpose and that’s a key to chakra 7. Tomorrow we conclude

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