Nobody Gets a Lifetime Rehearsal

Nod to the Indigo Girls for today’s post headline.

I was looking at the definition of Practice today:

Practice – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

One of the synonyms of the noun form is “dry run”.  So are we Doing? Preparing? Both? One of the things I learned from Productivity Practice is that the brain can’t distinguish between are really well mocked up imagining of an outcome and the physical action.  Sports trainers know this.  Top athletes spend large portions of the training schedule ‘imaging in’ the successful result (crossing the finish line, sinking the put, serving an ace) because those imaging literally change the physiology.  I wrote last week about our limiting beliefs.  Our self talk is programming us all the time.  Let’s program ourselves for the outcomes we want.

When I was in college a good friend took the EST training and came home with a little book, attributed to Werner Erhard, called Up the Ass with Aphorisms.  If I remember correctly, each page a quote.  One really stuck with me. I may be paraphrasing but it went “If you’ve got it, you chose it!”.  Wow, that gave me a lot of power.  Do I complain or do I look at what my choices have been.  If I say there I things I want and I don’t have them, how have I not ‘chosen’ them.  Conversely, how have I created the things I say I don’t want through my choices?

So if consciousness is our operating system, how do we hack it to get the things we really want and not just ‘get what we get’ through unconscious and default programming?

More tomorrow.

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