Using Your Brain for a Change

Credit for today’s post title goes to a great book of the same title by NLP pioneer Richard Bandler.  Here’s a link to Amazon.  I get nothing for the referral.  Check it out because it’s good.

So we left off yesterday on the concept of hacking our consciousness.  A lot of what I talk about regularly and can be found in earlier posts leads up to this discussion.  Baseball players in a batting slump love to watch tape of themselves.  The one’s who get out of their slumps the fastest – are the ones who spend time watching tape of former success, not the ones endlessly analyzing their current failure.

The most powerful tool we have in creating what we want is our mind.  The most powerful obstacle we have in creating what we want is our mind.

Engaged consciously and actively with constant review, editing and updating of our pictures, vision, envisioned outcomes, using affirmations, treasure maps and a thousand other forward looking tools to fully mobilize our creative energy toward the things we want. Editing our code through imagination; our mind is limitless in its power to support our manifestation.  Left festering unconsciously, our negative fantasies, self doubt, counterproductive self talk are pulling us away from our goals like my vector graphic examples from last week.

Remember the quote from WH Murray.  To paraphrase ‘once we commit ourselves, all manner of unforeseen support comes forward’.  Our commitment and envisioning when persisted in, reprograms us.  It’s not magic thinking, ‘oh if I wish hard enough, I’ll get it’  It is that when our vision reprograms our consciousness we see and interact with our environment differently.  Unforeseen, means it was there all along.  It’s just that lining ourselves up consciously without desired outcomes opens up new doors in our perception.

Here’s a way to test this.  Take a small goal of yours.  Something like I want to lose 2 pounds or I want to paint my room or I want to have a romantic evening with my significant other.  Mock up in your creative imagination everything you can about the successful completed state.  Not the steps.  The end.  What does it look, feel, smell, taste and sound like.  Engage every sense fully.  Where are you, what do you look like, who is with you, what are they saying, what are you saying (all positives), If there isn’t a natural smell (like paint or wine or mineral oil) add your favorite smell just to make it richer (if you’re envisioning losing two pounds, don’t pick a food smell).  Imaging how you will feel when it’s completely done to your highest possible expectation.  See yourself pumping your fist in the air or opening your arms wide with your heart open.  Feel appreciation and celebration for yourself.

Do this every day for at least a week, but it might take up to 30 days depending on the goal and the unconscious cobwebs that have to be swept clear.  You don’t have to do anything else, except take the steps that ‘appear’ toward the goal.

If you take on the challenge.  Please post your progress in the comments section.  People get psyched from sharing success.

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