Observing – the Key to Neutrality

We get so wrapped up in things.  We feel righteous and judgmental about the many ways that ‘they’ are doing it wrong or offending us or whatever.  We direct that righteous furor at ourselves and self flagellate with guilt.  We can wear ourselves out with the endless mental abuse we inflict on ourselves and/or others.

The solution, we observe.  We don’t place a value per se on the myriad interactions, thoughts etc.  We notice what we do and do not want to participate.  Neutrality doesn’t mean be a punching bag.  It doesn’t mean get tossed like a rag doll by every thought and emotion that crosses your threshold.  It means hold in a stillness and notice.  It means creating a place of peaceful and detached perspective.  We still get involved, we act but we find we are more clear and purposeful because we took that extra breath and rather than react, we developed context around the content of the moment.  We exercise our wisdom.  We move with purpose.

Right now I am in a situation where I am bouncing myself around like a ping-pong ball in relation to a particular goal/vision I am working to manifest.  I have two apartments (a two bedroom and a one bedroom) and both are on the market.  I lack clarity about what I really want.  Sell both and buy something else?  The the larger one and pocket the money?  Sell the smaller one and move to the larger one after renovating it?  The fact that I am unclear is causing me to take actions going in all sorts of directions.  Based on the posts last week, I am looking at how I am sabotaging my creation with the vectors of my images in antithetical directions.  I am going to take my own challenge from Friday and just work on a fully envisioned ultimate win.  With full sensory detail and without taking actions yet, I am creating a picture of the greatest success possible.  Since my wife is an important part of the picture, I am working with her to get the image clear so we are creating the same thing.  (This is also good because my manic bouncing from picture to picture is driving her crazy and more specifically undermining her trust that there will be a clear positive outcome).

I’ll keep you posted on how we do.

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