Decide – meta skill

Many of us resist deciding. There is a subtle reason. Unconsciously we fear that when we choose one option, we kill off the others. It’s wired into our linguistics. The root ‘cide’ connotes murder (suicide, genocide, pesticide, etc).

We avoid loss at all costs. We won’t throw things out, we leave things in our inbox. There are options in our work and our relationships that we want to leave one the table. We feel like we might need them and deciding for one option would mean we could never return to the point at which the roads diverged. We’ve Robert Frosted ourselves into inaction.

We’re wrong, of course, about this. Choosing and acting open our horizon and the fact is, if we realize that we need to take a step back, we can. While it’s true that regrouping and revisiting the options may mean the available options have changed, there will always be options. We make mistakes. We learn. We do something new.

We can reframe the cide to side. We cooperate, we get side by side, we work from the limitless creativity that ins inside.

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