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Nobody Gets a Lifetime Rehearsal

Nod to the Indigo Girls for today’s post headline. I was looking at the definition of Practice today: Practice – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary. One of the synonyms of the noun form is “dry run”.  So

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No Rights Reserved

Intellectual property rights, especially in the digital age, are certainly a multi-faceted issue.  Questions like; what is intangible property?; what is fair use?; what is the fair value of something that can be infinitely copied and linked?; how do I protect my

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Blazing new Frontiers

I was thinking this morning about how I admire people who light out on their own and build something new.  That doesn’t have to be inventing the geodesic dome (but I did watch a YouTube video on Buckminster Fuller).  It could be

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Happy Birthday

Special post to honor my partner, in life, Mariza. Creating in this world is much easier when those closest to us are also our best coaches, collaborators and cheerleaders. When someone believes in us so strongly that it strengthens our

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People will Come!

People will most definitely come. You put your dream out there! You trust it even when there are naysayers and bill collectors. Prepare your inner intention, line up your outer action and people will come! I have been seeing this

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Quote for June 6th

Originally posted on simplifypersonalproductivity:
Leadership is working with goals and vision; management is working with objectives. Russel Honore

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Turning Negative to Positive – Reframe step by step

If you got a chance to read my post from yesterday, I talked about the limiting beliefs and images we hold and the effect on achieving our goals. Today I want to give you a tangible step by step process,

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