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Using Your Brain for a Change

Credit for today’s post title goes to a great book of the same title by NLP pioneer Richard Bandler.  Here’s a link to Amazon.  I get nothing for the referral.  Check it out because it’s good. So we left off

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Nobody Gets a Lifetime Rehearsal

Nod to the Indigo Girls for today’s post headline. I was looking at the definition of Practice today: Practice – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary. One of the synonyms of the noun form is “dry run”.  So

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Blazing new Frontiers

I was thinking this morning about how I admire people who light out on their own and build something new.  That doesn’t have to be inventing the geodesic dome (but I did watch a YouTube video on Buckminster Fuller).  It could be

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People will Come!

People will most definitely come. You put your dream out there! You trust it even when there are naysayers and bill collectors. Prepare your inner intention, line up your outer action and people will come! I have been seeing this

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Day Seven – Chakras and Productivity

The Seventh Chakra, called Sahasrara, is the 1,000 petal lotus at the crown of the head.  This is the area of true inspiration and purpose.  Some would call it our connection to the divine.  Maybe Plato would have called it

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Chakras and Productivity Deep Dive – Day 1

I have been thinking more about the connection of the Science of Chakra and the Science of Productivity.  Both about the movement of energy  Both can lead to manifesting results for ourselves in the world and within ourselves consciously. For

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My uncle Al told me that he would sit in a favorite chair and have an original idea every day.  My productivity mentor David Allen once told a class I was in about having a list of $1Million ideas.  People

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